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Word of Dog

Book cover of Word of Dog by Megan Anderson

Word of Dog

Author: Megan Anderson

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Word of Dog is not just for those who have been enslaved by big brown eyes and a cold wet nose – although dog lovers will most definitely enjoy Anderson’s quirky dog portraiture and dating-style profiles, which define wacky canine characters in a fashion fur-kid parents will find hilariously relatable. Anderson applies the observational skills of her journalistic background to capture pithy commentary on everyday life and the warmth of her fur artistry keeps any sting at bay. You’ll see yourself, your friends or family in her words as you dip into the book for a moment of whimsy on a bad day or read it all in one satisfying gulp. For more giggles over the Christmas turkey than stale cracker jokes, gift wrap Word of Dog for someone with a wry sense of humour.

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