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Women of a Certain Age

Book cover for Women of a Certain Age edited by Jodie Moffat, Maria Scoda and Susan Laura Sullivan

Women of a Certain Age

Author: edited by Jodie Moffat, Maria Scoda and Susan Laura Sullivan

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: March 2018

This collection is lively, wise, and sometimes intensely emotional. With no discernible difference between previously published and unpublished contributors, readers embark on a journey starting with Charlotte Roseby – she was never meant to live this long, but now in her forties is “Still Here Still”. Travelling through the decades, these women, our companions, offer varied perspectives including: the downshifting of gears from a big career; the experience of being a female Muslim politician in Australia; and Brigid Lowry’s funny and insightful account of navigating romance in your sixties. “Black Boxes” by Jeanine Leane is deeply affecting and compelling.The journey concludes with Liz Byrski’s moving reflection upon sadness in our daily lives. Grab a cuppa (or something stronger if you are so inclined) and settle in for a great read!

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