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Wherever You Go

Book cover of Wherever you go

Wherever You Go

Author: Monique Mulligan

Publisher: Pilyara Press

Married couple Amy and Matt are at an impasse, unable to find common ground as they try to navigate a way through the grief of losing their child. Hoping to find a way to heal, they decide to relocate to the small coastal town of Blackwood.

Amy struggles to overcome the heartbreak, ignoring Matt’s unwavering efforts to find a way through. Their relationship spirals, adding another level of torment.

When Amy decides to re-establish the local cafe, she revives her career as a chef and finds new friendships with locals who have their own stories of loss. Amy’s love for cooking becomes her saviour.

This is a story of loss, grief, a marriage on the brink, and, ultimately, food. This is Monique Mulligan’s debut novel, and puts her love of cooking front and centre.

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