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What Colour is the Sea?

Book cover of What Colour is the Sea by Katie Stewart

What Colour is the Sea?

Author: Katie Stewart

Illustrator: Katie Stewart

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Children are curious creatures who love to ask questions. They often stump and amuse adults with their innocent and perceptive enquiries. Curious children will readily identify with the main character in Katie Stewart’s debut book. Koala asks her friends an apparently simple question but receives conflicting answers. Each friend is firm in their opinion, adamant that the others are wrong and their answer is the only correct one. Snake insists the sea is silver, like a fish whereas emu claims it is gold, like the sun. No one agrees with anyone else so, like any smart person would, Koala determines to find the answer for herself and sets off to the ocean. What she learns is an important lesson about right and wrong. This is an important book which gently explores the nature of perception and encourages readers to discover things for themselves rather than simply accepting what they are told.

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