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We Are Not Most People

Book Cover for We Are Not Most People by Tracy Ryan

We Are Not Most People

Author: Tracy Ryan

Publisher: Transit Lounge

Published: June 2018

This engrossing novel charts the relationship between Terry Riley, a sensitive young woman once drawn to convent life who did not continue on this path, and Kurt Stocker, an older man who was formerly her high-school teacher. A divorced Swiss emigre, Kurt spent time in a seminary and also wrestles with issues of faith. The relationship between these two very different people is an unusual one. Although emotionally complex and sensual, it is never fully consummated in the usual way. Although We Are Not Most People is a page-turner, it plumbs depths of meaning and provides food for wider contemplation. Tracy Ryan is a prize-winning poet whose prose is spare and graceful. This is a beautifully written book: frank, intriguing and tender.

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