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Violet and Nothing

Violet and Nothing

Author: Fiona Burrows

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Violet’s mind buzzes with ideas and curiosity. A conversation with her older sister sparks Violet’s interest in the concept of ‘nothing’. Is nothing real? Where can she find nothing? And if nothing is real, then how does Violet know if anything is real? Violet asks her family for information, but finds their answers unsatisfactory. She heads out into the world to investigate ‘nothing’, to test her own theories, and consider possibilities … and finds that her search generates even more questions and ideas. The illustrations (including the glorious endpapers) give glimpses into the untamed joyful clutter inside an inquiring mind. Violet & Nothing celebrates curiosity, creativity, and deeper thinking. This is a beautiful picture book and perfect for budding philosophers pondering life’s bigger questions.

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