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Tiny White Lies

Book cover of Tiny White Lies by Fiona Palmer

Tiny White Lies

Author: Fiona Palmer

Publisher: Hachette

If you think those tiny white lies don’t matter, then think again.

Ashley is struggling. Her husband passed away eight months ago, she’s just lost her job and her daughter is being cyberbullied. Her best friend, Nikki, has problems of her own with two children who cannot detach themselves from their technology and a husband who has suddenly started receiving a lot of text messages. What is he hiding?

When they decide to escape it all with three weeks at a seaside hideaway, free of technology, their tiny white lies become exposed and their lives start to unravel and change forever.

Fiona Palmer’s cast of characters are relatable and easy to empathise with. Dealing with issues familiar to many, Ashley and Nikki could easily be someone you know: a mum at school pick-up or a work colleague. The tumultuous, isolated, Western Australian wilderness in which this narrative is set is the perfect metaphor for the inner turmoil of the protagonists in this engaging novel.

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