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The Vexatious Haunting of Lily Griffin

The Vexatious Haunting of Lily Griffin

Author: Paula Hayes

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: July 2022

Lily Griffin is an imaginative child with a vivid turn of phrase and a very annoying brother. When she is sent to stay with her grandfather in his rambling country house, she discovers a girl trapped inside a magic mirror and thus begins a series of fascinating discoveries and odd goings-on.

Lily’s adventures make for a fun read for middle-school readers who enjoy liberal doses of mystery and magic, while also covering some deeper issues such as friendship, family complexities and dementia. Her character is one not quickly forgotten – intuitive, peculiar and downright daggy – and lifts the story above others like it. Complemented by vivid illustrations, The Vexatious Haunting of Lily Griffin is a funny, heartfelt tale that pre-teens will gobble up.

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