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The Veiled Thread

Book cover of The Veiled Thread by Stephen Twartz

The Veiled Thread

Author: Stephen Twartz

Publisher: Vanguard Press

Stephen Twartz spins a tale of war and homecoming, following Eiric Sullivan and the Light Horse Brigade to Palestine in 1914 and on to his homecoming and post-war life in country New South Wales. Not everything goes to plan as Eiric falls in love and deals with the aftermath of war. Some years later in Sydney, his grandson Harry is also dealing with the travails of love and leaving. Twartz skilfully creates characters, moments and places interweaving Eiric and Harry’s struggles to find meaning in love and life. The story explores the impact of trauma and unresolved PTSD not just on sufferers but on the following generations of their families. Find a quiet evening to immerse yourself in this Australian tale.

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