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The Sustainable House Handbook

Book cover of The Sustainable House Handbook

The Sustainable House Handbook

Author: Josh Byrne

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books

If you’re looking to build a new house, or just keen to learn more about sustainable housing, this beautiful book is an invaluable resource. The brilliant thing is that it’s centred around a Perth home project, so the findings are very applicable to those of us in Perth and the Southwest. Through careful use of science and monitoring results, The Sustainable House Handbook explains the current best technologies and presents the evidence that it can work, all without breaking the bank.

The handbook covers everything from planning and sustainable design, through what materials to choose for a build, to solar energy, water systems and landscaping. All these aspects are important if you want to truly succeed in the creation of a sustainable home. The writing is clear and the photos are luscious. Even if you are planning to retrofit an existing home, this book is packed full of helpful information and fabulous inspiration.

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