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The River Mouth

The River Mouth

Author: Karen Herbert

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: October 2021

Ten years ago, Sandra Davies’s fifteen-year-old son Darren was found shot to death in the Weymouth River. Now, the local police have informed Sandra that her best friend, Barbara, has just been found dead in a dry riverbed in the Pilbara. The catch? Barbara’s DNA matches that found under Darren’s fingernails.

The community is soon abuzz with the idea that Barbara may have been the one who killed Darren, and as the investigation is re-opened speculation is rife about what could have happened all those years ago.

The River Mouth is more than just your regular whodunnit. It’s a slow-burning thriller that reveals hints of plot twists bit-by-bit. It’s a compelling story about friendship, family, and dark deeds, one that will have you questioning just who you can really trust.

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