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The Paris Seamstress

Book cover for The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester

The Paris Seamstress

Author: Natasha Lester

Publisher: Hachette

Published: March 2018

Switching between 1940s Paris and New York and the current day, The Paris Seamstress is both a mystery and a love story. Following seamstress Estella Bissette from Paris to New York, the story explores the empowerment of women during the war as designers, models and customers of a new kind of ready-to-wear fashion that reflects their liberation from old constraints and expectations. Estella’s Sydney-based granddaughter Fabienne begins to unravel her grandmother’s past, uncovering the sacrifices and determination that were needed to achieve her success as a leading designer ─ revelations that keep the reader engrossed until the end. Fans of Lester’s previous historical romances will recognise familiar hallmarks in this novel: meticulous research, beautiful descriptions, and passionate, independent women challenging the social conventions of their times to achieve their dreams. This is a satisfying and captivating story to lose yourself in.

3-13 June

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