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The Palace of Angels

Book cover of The Palace of Angels by Mohammed Massoud Morsi

The Palace of Angels

Author: Mohammed Massoud Morsi

Publisher: Wild Dingo Press

Published: September 2019

The Palace of Angels is a series of three interlinked novellas about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, especially the Gaza strip and the West Bank, areas of severe conflict where the people have to pass through several Israeli checkpoints to conduct their daily lives. Israel calls the West Bank and Gaza ‘disputed territories’ while the Palestinians call it ‘occupation’. These interlinked narratives detail the daily tribulations of Palestinian lives after decades of conflict, war and loss of lives on both sides. Through the fictionalised lives of real people he has known, Morsi’s narratives speak of lives lived in conflict zones, and how the simple necessities of work, family, love and hope are marred by tragedy, despair and violence. Each novella focuses on a different aspect of Palestinian life, moving from drug runs at the borders patrolled by Israeli troops, to queuing up at checkpoints to go to work, to falling in love with the enemy and knowing there is no way out. The final novella outlines hope in the shape of dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian people, and the possibility, remote though it sounds, that love may be the answer to collaboration and peace. This is an ambitious and brave narrative. It makes a clear case that Palestinians are suffering under Israeli occupation and taps into a collective discomfort about war zones and conflicts we are detached from.

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