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The Night Village

The Night Village

Author: Zoe Deleuil

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: August 2021

When Simone moves to London from Australia, she does so with expectations of a high-flying journalism career, a slick apartment in an up-and-coming borough and nights of cocktails in chic bars. But when she falls pregnant to her new boyfriend, Paul, everything changes. After the birth of their baby, Simone begins to see London in a different light. The concrete jungle of the Barbican Estate feels like a prison, and motherhood is tough. Then along comes Rachel, Paul’s cousin, who announces she will stay and “help” Simone look after the baby. But there is more to Rachel than meets the eye, and her clandestine whispered conversations with Paul feel more sinister than secretive.

The Night Village is a slick domestic psychological thriller with a hint of The Girl on the Train about it. It’s intelligent, pacy and gripping, and will keep you guessing and gasping until the very end.

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