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the moon’s reminder

Book Cover for the moon's reminder by Kevin Gillam

the moon’s reminder

Author: Kevin Gillam

Publisher: Ginninderra Press

Published: May 2018

Kevin Gillam’s latest poetry book, the moon’s reminder, published by Ginninderra Press, is a handsome collection of the poet’s recent work. With poems dancing around Mothers (and others), Maps, Masks, Moths and Moons, Gillam again shows himself a master of rhythm. By orchestrating succinct descriptions punctuated by exact phrases, words and silences the poet-cellist lifts the old and wonderful out of the mundane. In this collection in particular Gillam’s musicality is palpable in every line. One should read these poems aloud and be lulled into the lives of lovers and laneways. A collection to be savoured and appreciated for its measure, its music and its meaning.

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