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The Little Boat on Trusting Lane

The Little Boat on Trusting Lane

Author: Mel Hall

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Richard lives on a dilapidated boat that serves as an alternative healing centre, which he runs with his disciple-assistants, Finn and August. Marooned in existential despair over mounting repair bills and the arrival of rival healer Celestiaa Davinaa, Richard cannot see a way out of his predicament. Meanwhile, his practical assistant, Finn, has doubts about everything from the colour of her pants to her ability to perform healthy “extractions”. August, whose “eyes were like satellites”, has her own troubles; there is mould on her caravan ceiling, her boyfriend, Tom, is mostly absent, and she feels guilty about the love that caused her to stray from church. The Little Boat on Trusting Lane, like its characters, has a generous heart and whimsical nature. Beautifully written with a melodic beat and meditative gentleness, this is a book about love, spirituality, friendship, organic papaya, sage deodorant and other abstract delights.

3-13 June

Love to Read Local Week 2022