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The Happy Bowel

Book Cover for The Happy Bowel by Michael Levitt

The Happy Bowel

Author: Michael Levitt

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: May 2018

Dr Michael Levitt is a specialist colorectal surgeon with a particular interest in the management of ‘functional’ bowel disorders such as constipation, incontinence and irritable bowel syndrome. His remarkable book will give readers an understanding of what a healthy bowel is and how to keep it that way. Written in a jaunty, no-nonsense style, Levitt’s book draws on a lifetime of experience in restoring patients to regularity. With his four key characteristics of a satisfactory bowel action, three Golden Rules of happy rectal evacuation, and three Ds (defer, desist and distinguish), Levitt has mapped out a pathway to an outstanding bowel habit, no matter your starting point.

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