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The Flying Bushman

Book cover of The Flying Bushman by Greg Keynes

The Flying Bushman

Author: Greg Keynes

Publisher: Gelding Street Press

This candid look at life as a pastoralist in Western Australia begins in the 1950s and is as colourful as it is affectionate. It will certainly appeal to those in the know, and for the rest of us provides a worthy insight that conveys the challenges that outsiders will never experience. Keynes’ tales of his varied life experiences prove that outback life is not for the fainthearted. The practicalities of farm life, the wild cards dealt by nature and family, and the loyalty and unique connection to the land all make this book an invitation to glimpse our country’s farming backbone, causing readers to laugh and empathise with this dinky-di entrepreneur. The pages turn easily as he is pushed to his limits, finds reserves, and knows when to quit. Readers from all walks of life will relate to the themes of resilience and mortality and the original photographs from the author’s working life as a chopper pilot provide further insight into his world.

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