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the dancer in your hands

Book cover of The dancer in your hands by Jo Pollitt

the dancer in your hands

Author: Jo Pollitt

Publisher: UWA Publishing

In the dancer in your hands <>, writing becomes dance. This sustained poetic work by interdisciplinary artist Jo Pollitt – a teacher of dance improvisation at WAAPA – bends, twists and shapes language into new and highly original configurations. This is not experimentalism for the sake of it; Pollitt is pushing at the limits of language, seeking a way for language to give shape to something inconceivable which might be called death, grief, or loss. Pollitt creates her own language to give form to something that is otherwise intangible and the result is enormously satisfying. Her writing seems to inhabit a liminal space, which can have the effect of transporting the reader to an otherworldly realm. The work will appeal to lovers of experimental poetry, and those who see writing as a form of art.

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