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The Cast Aways of Harewood Hall

The Cast Aways of Harewood Hall

Author: Karen Herbert

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: 2022

Well-meaning student Josh rescues two research mice from his university and, without realising the mice could be carrying a deadly disease, hides them in the basement of the Harewood Hall retirement village. This is just one in a string of unusual events happening behind the walls of the Hall, including the arrival of packing boxes in a supposedly empty house and a mysterious, unexplained spike in water usage.

While this gentle crime novel feels laid back, its slice-of-life narrative has plenty of moving parts to keep the reader engaged and entertained. The story follows several characters of varying ages, each one thoughtfully rendered and given a life that exists both on and off the page. The residents’ sense of community is filled with plenty of humour and heart, delivering a genuine experience of contentment and enjoyment in the reading.

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