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The Assassin Thief

The Assassin Thief

Author: Madeline Te Whiu

Publisher: New Dawn Publishing

Published: October 2022

The Assassin Thief is a debut fantasy novel from both its author, Madeline Te Whiu, and publishing house, New Dawn Publishing, and is a very promising start to their contribution to WA’s literary community.

Following shunned assassin Telium as she agrees to embark on a mission to kill the Mad Fae King, the reader will find themselves pulled in first with lyrical and engaging prose, then with intriguing characters and worldbuilding. Telium herself is a likeable character, instantly engaging for her seamless mix of bravery, cunning, and humour.

There’s a perfect blend and pace of romance and action with an appropriately heart-racing finale. The simplicity in which Te Whiu guides the reader through the magical world of humans and Fae makes it the perfect first foray into adult fantasy, but long standing fans of the genre will find comfort and excitement in the familiar rules, systems, and show-stopping battles.

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