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Small Steps: A Physio in Ethiopia

Book cover of Small Steps- A Physio in Ethiopa

Small Steps: A Physio in Ethiopia

Author: Julie Sprigg

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Julie Sprigg’s voice in Small Steps: A Physio in Ethiopia has the warmth and familiarity of a close friend sharing an amazing adventure. References to her childhood in country Western Australia, as well as her time backpacking through Europe, provide comfortable familiarity in a challenging story of hardship and suffering in a shattered country across an ocean of cultural differences.

Julie’s passionate desire to fight injustice and ‘do good’ is severely tested as she plunges from the certainty of middle-class wealth to live amongst those who must endure extreme poverty with nothing more than spiritual belief and the calm acceptance of fate.

With fascinating insights into the reality of volunteering, the tragedy of inadequate medical care, and the power of persistence, this remarkable tale may encourage you to take small steps toward positive change. Read Small Steps to encourage your resilience in the face of persistent but petty day-to-day challenges.

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