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Slice Girls

Book Cover for Slice Girls by Joan Arakkal

Slice Girls

Author: Joan Arrakal

Publisher: Ventura Press

Published: February 2019

Technological advances have put paid to the days when it was advantageous to be male in the field of orthopaedic surgery.  Unfortunately, attitudes have not similarly progressed. Meet Joan Arakkal – mother, daughter, sister, wife, researcher and passionate orthopaedic surgeon. She is the epitome of what anyone would want in their surgeon – highly qualified, demonstrably competent and moreover, kind and committed to the very best patient care. Yet, the cartel-esque local surgeons took extraordinary measures to reject this brilliant woman. Slice Girls documents Joan’s journey from a young woman in India through to the present day in Perth, and despite the gross injustices contained within its pages, one cannot help but feel great joy in knowing her. For hers is a story that is rich in cultural connection, community and compassion. Slice Girls is storytelling at its very best.

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