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Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop

Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop

Author: Rebecca Raisin 

Publisher: HQ Fiction

If you love a heart-warming read with a twist, look no further. When Rosie, a Michelin-starred chef and queen of contingency plans is unceremoniously dumped by her husband on her birthday and wakes up to find she has bought a fuchsia pink food van, she realises that her options are to put up or shut up. She chooses the former and discovers there is joy to be found in unexpected places, and that even when things go wrong, you can still be okay. Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop recognises that we humans build lives for ourselves that have a tendency to trap us, and gently encourages stepping out to truly discover how much more there is to be lived. Readers will cheer Rosie on through this delightful and funny journey of self-discovery as she rebuilds her self-esteem and learns to live a life that isn’t driven by fear.

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