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Return Ticket

Book cover of Return Ticket by Jon Doust

Return Ticket

Author: Jon Doust

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Return Ticket is the third and final book in Jon Doust’s One Boy’s Journey to Man trilogy. When Jack Muir gets off the ship in Durban, South Africa, he doesn’t get back on again. The year is 1972 and he falls victim to a series of unfortunate incidents with the police chasing him further afield, onwards to a kibbutz in Israel where he falls in love with Neeva, a female soldier also living the archetypal kibbutz life. Jack Muir shifts between time frames and countries, his obsession with washing dishes and his seeking of those who make him a better friend, a more decent man. If he isn’t caught in the past, he is fleeing from it, taking the reader to Albany, South Africa or Israel. In a semi-autobiographical narrative, Return Ticket is the personal story of  a man navigating time, conflicts, people and ultimately himself, told in Jon Doust’s authentic, humorous and personable style.

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