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Book cover of Refuge by Richard Rossiter


Author: Richard Rossiter

Publisher: UWA Publishing

Published: September 2019

Refuge is a meditation on place and belonging which intertwines the stories of a tenderly portrayed and compelling cast of characters. Each in their bush shacks, Greta and Tinny share a hillside on Western Australia’s southwest coast. German-born Greta is haunted by a history of tragic relationships. Tinny has lived in isolation for decades but his body is failing him. His sons Skel and Rock face approaching adulthood and a mother who now wants her boys back in her life. The sorry and desperate Clive needs revenge and Greta, misguidedly, is his target. The novel’s chronology ebbs and flows, and wounds open and close. In spare and convincing prose, Rossiter draws on his clear affinity with the land to create an absorbing setting. Refuge explores many issues of our thorny contemporary world. But uppermost is the question of what it means, physically and spiritually, to belong.

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