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Ourselves: 100 Micro Memoirs

Ourselves: 100 Micro Memoirs

Author: Various

Publisher: Night Parrot Press

Published: May 2024

Ourselves: 100 Micro Memoirs is a one of a kind collection, both literally and figuratively. Speaking to the former, it is the first micro memoir anthology published in Australia and to the latter it is a constellation of creativity, lives lived and stories that beg to be read.

From the desert fauna in Katherine Allum’s “Animals of the Mojave Desert” to the meaningful melodies in Gillian O’Shaughnessy’s “A Medley of Love Songs”, readers are invited to explore the myriad small treasures life offers. Each piece reveals a world where even the tiniest trinkets and moments are collected and cherished, reminding us of the beauty and significance found in the details.

In the introduction, editors Casey Mulder and Laura Keenan ask the reader:
‘What happens when we zero in on the moments just outside the frame in family slideshow or videos, or edited from the carefully selected histories we tell about ourselves?’

And what happens is we uncover a rich tapestry of raw, unfiltered emotions and experiences. These overlooked snippets often hold the true essence of our stories — moments of candid laughter, unexpected mishaps, and quiet reflections. They remind us that life’s most genuine and touching scenes often unfold away from the spotlight, revealing a deeper, more authentic narrative. By embracing these hidden fragments, we gain a more nuanced understanding of our lives and the connections that shape us.

As always, Night Parrot Press have beautifully showcased the talent of Western Australian authors, bringing their unique voices and perspectives to the forefront. The works in Ourselves: 100 Micro Memoirs celebrate the diversity and richness of life’s small moments, creating a mosaic of wonder and appreciation.


Reviewed by Jess Checkland

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