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Once Upon a Small Rhinoceros

Once Upon a Small Rhinoceros by Meg McKinlay

Once Upon a Small Rhinoceros

Author: Meg McKinlay

Publisher: Walker Books

Can a rhinoceros build a boat and sail it around the world? Of course she can! When a small rhino dreams of exploring the world, the adult rhinoceroses respond with discouragement. But undeterred, the small rhino quietly and persistently goes about turning her dream into a reality. In this delightful picture book, author Meg McKinlay delivers a powerful message with her gentle, reassuring text – that all things are possible if you dare to dream! Leila Rudge’s beautiful mixed media illustrations complement the text perfectly, bringing the small rhino’s journey vividly to life. Young readers will be inspired by this small rhinoceros who remains true to herself by challenging expectations.

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