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No! Never!

Book Cover of No Never

No! Never!

Author: Libby Hathorn and Lisa Hathorn-Jarman

Illustrator: Mel Pearce

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Georgie is the sweetest child ever — until the day she learns to say ‘No! Never!’ From then on, yelling ‘No! Never!’ becomes Georgie’s favourite (and frequent) chant … before her parents turn the tables on her. This cautionary tale has delightfully expressive scribbly illustrations in pencil and digital colouring. No! Never! is the debut picture book for Western Australian illustrator Mel Pearce, with rhyming text written by mother-daughter team Libby Hathorn and Lisa Hathorn-Jarman. Young readers will revel in Georgie’s extreme naughtiness, and the poetic justice of her parents’ solution. Whether you identify with Georgie or with her long-suffering parents, this quirky take on a familiar toddler phase will have readers laughing out loud.

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