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Ninni Yabini

Ninni Yabini

Author: Cheryl Kickett-Tucker and Tyrown Waigana

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Like a warm doona on a cold night, everything about this book oozes comfort and reassurance. Little ones aged 2-5 will love hearing about the day baby swan Ninni Yabini – named after the evening star – wanders off from the safety of her parents’ side, distracted by a willy-wagtail. As night starts to fall, Ninni starts to panic but is soon guided home by the light of her namesake.

The loving devotion of Ninni’s parents is itself a guiding light within this tender book. Charming illustrations against dreamy watercolour backgrounds instantly endear young readers to Ninni’s cheeky and innocent character. Written in Noongar and English, this joyful celebration of family and belonging is perfect for parents and educators looking to diversify their bookshelves.

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