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Monkey Mind

Book cover of Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind

Author: Rebecca J. Palmer

Illustrator: Rebecca J. Palmer

Publisher: Little Pink Dog Books

Piper’s monkey is playful but very naughty, and he often prevents her from doing the things she enjoys the most. Despite a plethora of advice from those around her, nothing seems to help tame her monkey, until Piper realises there is ultimately only one thing her monkey needs.

Rebecca J. Palmer’s illustrations, created through an etching process, invite new discoveries with each reading. Palmer combines the words on the page with the gentle humour of the monkey’s mischievous behaviour and a symbolic use of colour to encourage an important and meaningful discussion about the worrying thoughts – or monkey mind – that cause anxiety. A picture book for children and adults alike, Monkey Mind is a poignant reminder of the impact of negative self-talk and offers a valuable contribution to the conversation about anxiety both at home and in the classroom.

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