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Mistress Martina’s Diary

Book cover of Mistress Martina's Diary

Mistress Martina’s Diary

Author: Mistress Martina

Publisher: self-published

Mistress Martina’s Diary is a raw and fascinating account of the life of a bondage and discipline mistress. Told in the third person, the diary introduces the reader to Mistress Martina, who enters the world of sex work as a woman in her forties. She describes the strange and sometimes sad proclivities of her clients, as well as the way the other women she works with juggle their profession and their private lives. Danger is never too far away, and the toll sex work takes on its practitioners is shown through the murder of a young sex worker. For a view into a world most people would be unaware of, it is compelling reading and, despite its subject matter, is not graphic in its content.

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