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Maddie in the Middle

Book cover of Maddie in the Middle by Julie Lawrinson

Maddie in the Middle

Author: Julia Lawrinson

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: September 2019

Year Six can be a difficult time, especially when your lifelong best friend who has always been  the other half of “The Rule of Two, since year two” suddenly seems to be caught up in her own life and has no time for you anymore. It’s easy to feel left out, vulnerable and to question your priorities. When a new girl arrives at her school Maddie desperately wants to be her friend. The enigmatic Samara is not all she seems, however, and as Maddie is drawn into her orbit the friendship comes at an alarmingly high price. This book raises ethical and moral questions about whether it is ever acceptable to do a bad thing for a good reason and is a cautionary tale for middle-grade readers of how one poor decision can have serious consequences.

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