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Book cover of Littlelight by Kelly Canby


Author: Kelly Canby

Illustrator: Kelly Canby

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Something is amiss in the town of Littlelight — someone has been taking bricks from the walls surrounding the town. The mayor is mad! That wall keeps the town safe! He declares that the good people of Littlelight must be protected from everything different and unusual, strange, offbeat and unfamiliar. So he leads everyone in the hunt for the brick thief. Canby’s illustrations combine ink, pencil, and digital colouring. Readers will spot the brick thief early in the story and understand that the celebration of difference — depicted in eye-popping neon highlights against the grey backdrop of the town — runs counter to the narrowmindedness of the mayor. This would be the perfect book to spark discussions about fear, difference, barriers, and leadership. Littlelight shines a neon spotlight on the importance of breaking down barriers — whether they be metaphorical or physical.

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