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Lion Is That You?

Lion Is That You?

Author: Moira Court

Illustrator: Moira Court

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Some children’s books quickly announce themselves as potential favourites – the ones kids ask to be read to them night after night. There’s a rhythm to the reading of these books, a gentle sense of play within the pages that is as enduring as a favourite song.

This is what author/illustrator Moira Court has created in ‘Lion Is That You?, a delightful story told in lively, poetic prose that asks its readers to search for rumoured lions in the Australian bush. Of course a lion proves elusive but there are plenty of other animals to be found hiding under vines, behind rocks and in the trees.

Each of Court’s illustrations are stunning double-page spreads created by hand using layered woodblock prints, screen prints and collage. Fused with inventive storytelling, the pictures invite the young reader to search and learn and wonder.

3-13 June

Love to Read Local Week 2022