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Jenna’s Truth

Book Cover for Jenna's Truth by N.L. King

Jenna’s Truth

Author: N.L. King

Publisher: Serenity Press

Published: August 2018

The author was inspired to write this YA novella after finding out about a tragic real life case of cyberbullying – one that resulted in the victim committing suicide. Jenna’s Truth tells the heartbreaking story of a fifteen-year-old girl who desperately wants to be popular with the cool kids at school. They show her the attention she craves but everything goes terribly wrong when her supposed new friends conspire to humiliate her, first at a party and then through a nasty ongoing campaign including via social media. This ghastly situation and Jenna’s resulting trauma and anguish will unfortunately be familiar to many young readers. This is an affecting story about distressing topical issues – one with important messages for perpetrators of bullying as well as victims. The author has prefaced her ultimately hopeful story with a content and trigger warning and supplemented it with teaching notes, support contact information and other resources, thus making the book ideal for classroom use.

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