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In This Desert, There Were Seeds

Book cover of In this Desert, There Were Seeds

In This Desert, There Were Seeds

Author: various contributors, ed. Elizabeth Tan and Jon Gresham

Publisher: Margaret River Press and Ethos Publishing

For nearly a decade, Writing WA has been building collaborative friendships with literary communities throughout Southeast Asia. In This Desert, There Were Seeds – an anthology of twenty stories from West Australian and Singaporean artists, established and emerging – is the latest fruit of its work in the region. The prompts for authors were, broadly, ‘the challenges, hopes and joys for our future’ (WA) and ‘Our Imagined Futures’ (Singapore). The stories that emerged in response range from delicate, esoteric and quirky to grittily realist and disturbing. Settings, too – arid deserts, claustrophobic apartments, splendid temples – are diverse and richly described. In This Desert, There Were Seeds is a vibrant cross-cultural anthology that offers readers invaluable glimpses into a wide range of cultures, lores and possibilities. The delightful cover by Marie Toh complements the title to infuse the collection with a sense of optimism.

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