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Book cover of Grumbelina by Esther Krogdahl


Author: Esther Krogdahl

Illustrator: Aleksandra Szmidt

Publisher: Hachette

Reminiscent of the cautionary tales of Hilaire Belloc, this is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek warning for parents of toddlers whose personalities seem to change as soon as they turn three-and-a-half and discover the power of tantrums.
Delightful illustrations by Aleksandra Szmidt complement the rhyming text which outlines the sudden transformation of the formerly placid, agreeable Hazel into Grumbelina “with a list of complaints that could cover a wall” and even includes telling “Santa to strike Dad from the list!” Grumbelina’s ever-patient parents smirk at one another, optimistic that this is merely a phase but a clever sting in the tail will have young listeners giggling and begging for a repeat reading.

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