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Fish Kid and the Turtle Torpedo

Fish Kid and the Turtle Torpedo

Author: Kylie Howarth

Publisher: Walker Books

Published: March 2021

Fish Kid and the Turtle Torpedo is the third exciting ocean adventure in Kylie Howarth’s popular Fish Kid series. Plenty of action and humour, interspersed with fascinating marine facts and a gentle message about caring for the marine environment, help the story speed along.

The story takes readers to the Maldives where Fish Kid Bodhi adds another amazing talent to his superpowers, thanks to a noisy Spinner Dolphin, and his best friend Emely springs a surprise of her own. Encounters with rescued turtles (which need to be ferried to and from the beach in wheelbarrows), tussles with grumpy Titan Triggerfish, spotting reef sharks, and a huge eel that looks like a Dalmatian, are just some of the marine adventures in store for the reader.

Fish Kid and the Turtle Torpedo will delight existing fans of Howarth’s books and is equally effective as a stand-alone read or introduction to the Fish Kid series.

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