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Everything You Want To See

Everything You Want To See

Author: Kyle Hughes-Odgers

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Babies and toddlers will giggle with delight at this charming new offering from Kyle Hughes-Odgers, the award-winning artist, author and illustrator known for such works as Ten Tiny Things, Can a Skeleton Have an X-ray?, On a Small Island and One Thousand Trees.

Hughes-Odgers has once again created a colourful, laugh-out-loud world where the mundane becomes magical through witty rhymes and fantastical illustrations. Parents and grandparents are sure to get a chuckle when reading about ‘a bin that stinks and a king who drinks’.

Interactive language and a sturdy design that invites touching and pointing make this book perfect for bedtime reading. Indeed, Everything You Want To See is everything you’d want to see in a children’s picture book.

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