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Every Family is Different

Book cover for Every Family is Different, by Maureen Eppen, illust. Veronica Rooke

Every Family is Different

Author: Maureen Eppen

Illustrator: Veronica Rooke

Publisher: Serenity Press

Published: 2018

This book outlines the various combinations which may constitute a modern-day family, from the traditional mum and dad with kids through to blended or extended families and everything in between āˆ’ including a single person with a beloved pet. The main message is that regardless of the composition of the family unit there is always love present, with the phrase Every Family is Different accentuated with a stylised heart replacing the diacritic dot above the ā€œiā€. This book is positive and upbeat and offers a simple, effective way of opening up discussion on what makes a family, especially with very young children.

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