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Ella and the Useless Day

Ella and the Useless Day

Author: Meg McKinlay

Illustrator: Karen Blair

Published: August 2022

This charming adventure follows Ella and Dad’s clean-up day as they hop and skip through the pages, sifting through household rubbish together. But before their forgotten junk can make it to the rubbish tip, they encounter a community full of people eager to repurpose their belongings into charismatic contraptions. As they make their way around the neighbourhood, Ella’s rusty trike becomes a garden bed, her holey quilt is transformed into a beloved pet pillow, and even a discarded outfit is fashioned into a funky suit for a scarecrow.

This heartwarming lesson about the value of upcycling and community unfurls through the words of award-winning author Meg McKinlay, inspiring younger generations to take advantage of their creativity in a world exhausted by throwaway tendencies. McKinlay’s quirky characters and their mismatched belongings come to life through renowned illustrator Karen Blair’s playful watercolour and pencil illustrations­, which are sure to capture the imagination of younger readers. Ella and the Useless Day is a book saturated with joy that enlivens the possibility of nurturing a sustainable mindset through engaging in everyday household practices.

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