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Driving Stevie Fracasso

Driving Stevie Fracasso

Author: Barry Divola

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia

Published: March 2021

Most books have at least one inciting incident. But with true rock and roll spirit, Driving Stevie Fracasso has five. In just one day, Rick McLennan – a jaded music journalist living in New York right before 9/11 – turns forty, loses his job, apartment and girlfriend. But McLennan gets a shot at redemption when he’s handed what seems to be an impossible mission: find his long-lost brother, the enigmatic front man of a cult rock band, and drive him from Austin, Texas to New York to play one final gig.

Written with page-turning aplomb by acclaimed Australian rock writer and author Barry Divola, Driving Stevie Fracasso is a mixtape of love, loss, and the vitality of music, taking the classic road trip story into new territory that will make you laugh and cry. There’s also a Spotify playlist that Divola has curated to accompany his words. You can listen to it here.

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