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Displaced: A Rural Life

Book cover of Displaced by John Kinsella

Displaced: A Rural Life

Author: John Kinsella

Publisher: Transit Lounge

John Kinsella is an Australian poet, novelist, critic, essayist and editor and his memoir is a fascinating read. Unconventional in style, Kinsella’s passions shine through the text, which scatters details about his childhood, his former alcoholism, his current life at Jam Tree Gully with his wife and son, and time spent teaching in Ireland, England and the United States amidst a polemic urging the reader to take better care of the environment and each other. The writing is strongly influenced by the Western Australian landscape; however, Kinsella also encourages ‘international regionalism’ in his approach to place. Displaced is a raw strong work, speaking about belonging and unbelonging.

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