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Dark Dimensions: Clans of Conflict

Dark Dimensions: Clans of Conflict

Author: JA Duxbury

Publisher: Corvus Quill Press

Published: 2022

Troy is a Battlemaster, a brave leader of a group of soldiers sent to explore parallel dimensions, each one swarming with malignant vampires. Under the command of their leader Vlad, Troy is sent out as an envoy to these enemy vampires in their vain attempt to find their way back to their home dimension. When he begins to question how he always makes it back alive against all odds, he faces a terrible secret: that he is the only half-human, half-vampire in existence. Troy now has to grapple with the difficulties of his new, bloodthirsty life, while maintaining his relationships with friends and lovers, and trying not to forget the best parts of being human.

J.A. Duxbury takes the reader on a journey through interesting territories, blending vampires and inter-dimensional military exploration. Her story is clearly keen to break new ground and explore unique elements of the vampire mythos, which is especially fun when paired with classic sci-fi tropes, such as meeting your double in a parallel universe. Her characters are simple but likeable, and the plot is full of twists and turns. Dark Dimensions: Clans of Conflict is a great read for anyone who likes science fiction, paranormal romance and a generous dose of adventure.

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