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Bee Detectives

Bee Detectives

Author: Vanessa Ryan-Rendall

Illustrator: Brenna Quinlan

Published: April 2021

Bee Detectives, written by Vanessa Ryan-Rendall and illustrated by WA-based Brenna Quinlan, celebrates bees for what they truly are; magical, magnificent creatures. This fascinating, colourful and informative book introduces readers to Olivia and Hamish, novice bee detectives, who share their delight in finding out all about the bees in our backyards. Readers will quickly learn which bees are social and which are solitary, as well as quirky facts such as what the favourite food of the Teddy Bear Bee is and why native Australian bees do not produce as much honey as their European counterparts. Scientific information is presented in accessible bites, with a table of bee facts and a glossary of terms included as useful additions at the end of the book. The lively illustrations add an overall exuberance which should make this book irresistible to young readers. Most children are fascinated by insects and will find Bee Detectives is the perfect blend of facts and fun. This book will no doubt inspire a new generation of bee detectives and young entomologists.

3-13 June

Love to Read Local Week 2022