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Bedtime, Daddy!

Book cover of Bedtime Daddy by Sharon Giltrow

Bedtime, Daddy!

Author: Sharon Giltrow

Illustrator: Katrin Dreiling

Publisher: EK Books

Bedtime, Daddy! is a delightful role reversal tale in which baby bear is trying to put a sleepy daddy bear to bed. It is funny, sweet and engaging. Parents will be all too familiar with the usual bedtime-delaying tactics and young children will chuckle at the antics of the recalcitrant daddy as he presents one excuse after another — from demanding a drink of water to needing the door open just so — to resist getting into bed. Readers will love the clever twist in this hilarious tale and parents especially will appreciate the book as a ‘how to’ guide and useful addition to their bedtime arsenal.
Katrin Dreiling’s exuberant illustrations expertly capture the expressions of the increasingly exhausted baby bear. This book is destined to become a popular addition to the bedtime reading collection in many homes.

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