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Barefoot Bea

Barefoot Bea

Author: Heather Neilly

Illustrator: Ruth de Vos

Publisher: Yellow Brick Books

Meet Beatrice Jones. She moves through her days at top speed and in bare feet – shoes just get in the way. Playful illustrations show a confident Bea playing tag, climbing trees, jumping in puddles, and riding a bike. Bea’s parents insist on her wearing shoes to protect her feet, and they finally take their reluctant daughter to a shoe store to choose new footwear. Bea’s choice is not what the grown-ups expect, but she’s perfectly shod for her next outdoor activity! This light-hearted picture book is the first for Western Australian illustrator and artist Ruth de Vos (with rhyming text by South Australian author Heather Neilly). Observant readers can follow a baby and a gull having other shoe-themed adventures in the background of the illustrations.

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