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Australia’s Funniest Yarns

Book cover of Australia's Funniest Yarns by Graham Seal

Australia’s Funniest Yarns

Author: Graham Seal

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Graham Seal has built a strong reputation for his wit and wisdom when it comes to relaying classic Aussie tales and comebacks. At the heart of every account is the Australian propensity for never taking life too seriously, and that if you take on the harshness of our country, you’ll soon realise you’re no match for it, so just keep a light heart and get about it. Among other things this latest volume shows what happens if you drink diesel, explains precisely what a larrikin is, and how various kinds of employees should undergo Specialised High-Intensity Training (the acronym says it all). Full of short stories, this book is easy to read on the fly, and makes a timeless addition to any collection.

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