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At the Dog Park

Book cover of At The Dog Park by Moira Court

At the Dog Park

Author: Moira Court

Illustrator: Moira Court

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Dog lovers especially will adore this new book from Moira Court, and anyone who has ever passed a dog park is certain to recognise the canine personalities depicted in these exuberant illustrations. Dogs of every breed and temperament are so accurately represented within the pages of this delightful book and the repetitive format of comparing this one with that one will instantly captivate young readers and make the book a firm read-aloud favourite. This is a clever canine version of Mem Fox’s well-known book, Where is the Green Sheep?!

The beautifully realistic collages add great depth and texture and provide an irresistible tactile dimension guaranteed to have the reader stroking the pages. Whilst noting that “this dog is idle and that one is busy; this dog is steady and this one is dizzy” readers will also discover that opposites most definitely attract and they will love identifying their own fur babies and the behaviours they display. The cheeky dog on the cover is instantly recognisable in ‘I’m ready to play’ mode and this high-quality publication from Fremantle Press will have wide appeal to all animal lovers.



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